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Waistband v. Shoulder v. Ankle: The Great Holster Debate

Before you get to excited in thinking that are going to settle the great holster debate once and for all time, we should probably tell that we here at DNA Tactical do not believe in telling you what’s best for you. Rather, we believe in educating the American shooter and letting the informed lover of 2A liberty decide for themselves. After all, it will be your life and the lives of those you love on the line when you need it most. The truth of the matter is that the best gear is the gear you know and trust. It is the gear designed for the job at hand and not the opinions of some “expert” on an internet forum. So let’s jump right into waistband v. shoulder v. ankle, the great holster debate.

Essential Gear Components for Disaster Survival

For many preppers, gear is the name of the game when it comes to disaster survival.  That's part of why at DNA Tactical, we aim to stock the supply a wide variety of gear of the highest quality for any emergency situation.  You’re probably already familiar with the term "bug out bag" and you may already have one (or more) of your own.  Everyone has his or her own idea of what a bug out bag should look like, but there is no such thing as the perfect set up. 

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