Eyewear Accessories

No matter what type of sunglasses you wear or how frequently you wear them, they tend to take a lot of abuse. Whether that is from sweat or sun or makeup or just being tossed in your glove compartment, glasses are a vital and potentially fragile element of our equipment and clothing. Lenses become scratched and damaged over time and nose pieces lose their comfort as well. There is often no need to replace a used pair of glasses; they can be repaired or refreshed with accessories from DNA Tactical.

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Aileron Shield Replacement Lenses

Item #: 5-52060
Value: $27.99 Save: $3.00

CAVU Half Frame Replacement Lenses

Item #: 5-52032
Value: $27.99 Save: $3.00

FrontSight Rx Carrier

Item #: 5-52066-011
Value: $22.99 Save: $3.00

Raid Replacement Lenses

Item #: 5-52026
Value: $27.99 Save: $3.00

SI Microbag

Item #: 101-343

USA Flag Lens Cleaning Kit

Item #: 101-008-001
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