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What good is carrying a weapon to protect you and your family from two and four legged predators if you don't have the ability to carry the ammunition needed to end conflict in favor of the innocents? DNA Tactical carries a wide selection of ammo and magazine holders to make sure that you are never left without the means to protect yourself. From ammo pouches that slide on your belt to mag holders for an M-4, DNA Tactical ensures that you will never find yourself in the lethal position of not being able send rounds downrange.

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Sig Sauer Double Magazine Pouch

Value: $19.00 Save: $1.01

Signature Double Mag Pouch

Item #: signature-double-mag-pouch
Value: $34.95 Save: $4.96

Signature OWB Holster

Item #: signature-owb-holster
Value: $34.99 Save: $5.25

Slimline Open Top Double Magazine Pouch

Item #: 79
Value: $21.75 Save: $3.25

Slimline Open Top Magazine Pouch - Triple

Item #: 775
Value: $29.00 Save: $3.00

SSL Speed Loader Case

Item #: SSL32

SST Off Side Tie Down

Item #: SST
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