Ballistic Gear / Armor

There are few places more susceptible to dangerous accidents than the range. One of the most common mistakes that we make is to neglect our own protection while training. We have all seen accidents happen, and few are more life altering than accidents to the eyes. With (often frangible) projectiles traveling at thousands of feet per second and often making contact with steel targets (or targets made of other non-shatter proof materials), there are many pieces of small, sharp material moving at extremely high speed throughout the range. DNA Tactical has a large selection of ballistic gear and armor to protect you at the range and, God forbid, the street and the field.

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Item #: 5-56957
Value: $16.99 Save: $2.00

Taclite Plate Carrier

Item #: 5-56166
Value: $159.99 Save: $10.00

TacTec Plate Carrier

Item #: 5-56100
Value: $199.99 Save: $10.00

TacTec Plate Carrier Side Panels

Item #: 5-56274-724
Value: $59.99 Save: $5.00
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