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BG Survival Whistle

Item #: 31-002786
Manufacturer: Gerber Tools
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Featuring an ear-piercing 120 decibels, this survival whistle is your go-to signal for help. With no moving parts to freeze, jam, or deteriorate, you can rely on it to work in the most critical moments. Easily attachable to keychains or packs, the break-away lanyard keeps it close at hand.


  • Dimensions: 2.12” x 1.06” x .93”
  • Weight: .79oz
  • Lanyard: 17.0”
  • Decibals:120dB
  • Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG) thermoplastic material offers grip and mouth protection
  • Distinct, loud, crisp sound
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate
  • Will be heard above ambient noise, engines roaring, breaking waves, and gale-force winds
  • Chambers of whistle are designed to self-clear when submerged in water
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