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CompTac Infidel Max for Guns with Light IWB Holster

Item #: C556GL055R50N
Manufacturer: High Speed Gear
The product is currently sold out

The Infidel Max is now available for your pistols with Lights or Lasers attached! This holster is not designed to be used without the laser attached.

The Infidel Max Holster with Light or Laser is an all Kydex holster with adjustable cant, and modular design, allowing the user to order only the mounting hardware they desire. The holster is inside the waistband and can be configured to with a Infidel Belt Clip, Infidel Belt Loops. The Infidel Max with Light or Laser comes with a 1.5" Infidel Belt Clip. The 1.75" clip or Belt loops can be purchased separately under the holster parts and hardware section.

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