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Holster bags are simply taking off in the industry right now. They are able to combine many important elements for the fastest growing demographic in the concealed carry world right now: women. Women have a far broader range of clothing that their work and various other roles both allow and require. Because of this, the concealed carry options are different. Until recently, all those options were based on what and how men would carry and were built around the clothes that men would typically wear while out and about. We all know that a good bag can go with most things, both in terms of style and practicality, but dropping a handgun loose in a bag is a terrible idea. With these concerns in mind, holster bags are made out of high quality glove-tanned leather with an elasticized holster near the top opening to both fully conceal the firearm and make it easy to draw swiftly from concealment.

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Double Pistol Case

Item #: double-pistol-case
Value: $29.99 Save: $7.02
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