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More and more, carrying the traditional way of an OWB holster with belt loops and a full frame pistol or revolver kept at the 3-4 o'clock position on the strong side is being overtaken by newer and more sophisticated techniques and tools. One such innovation that would have been unheard of until recently is the holster shirt. This form fitting undergarment is made to have reinforced pockets that stretch around the firearm. The weapon can be held immobile while it resides in deep concealment. There are even spaces for auxiliary magazines and speedloaders too. Should you be looking for the most traditional carry system or the most cutting edge, DNA Tactical has you covered.

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Holster Shirt

Item #: 5-40011-019
Value: $70.99 Save: $1.00


Item #: PRO664B
Value: $29.95 Save: $5.99

Sleeveless Holster Shirt

Item #: 5-40107
Value: $74.99 Save: $5.00

Sleeveless Holster Shirt - Women's

Item #: 5-30012
Value: $74.99 Save: $5.00


Item #: UWBKXL
Value: $61.95 Save: $12.39

V-Neck Holster Shirt

Item #: 5-40021
Value: $74.99 Save: $5.00
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