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Defender Gloves

Item #: 42100
Manufacturer: StrongSuit
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Strong enough for the SWAT team, but fit for everyday use, The Defender glove by StrongSuit gives you a glove you can wear all day and be comfortable and protected in multiple environments. The thermoform padding on the back of the hands is ergonomically designed to give the wearer the best protection and the best fit/dexterity when worn. The full leather palm is seamed on the outside, so the wearer does not feel the seams.


  • Ergonomically placed thermoform padding on the back of the hand and fingers for superior protection from impact.
  • Durable cowhide palm. Softer, better fitting and longer lasting.
  • Outseamed palms so you don't feel the seams when worn.
  • Technology compatible leather finger tips on thumb and first 2 fingers.
  • Foam padded palm.Pre-curved fingers, for a natural fit.
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