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Disaster Response Kit

Item #: EMI-468
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EMI's Disaster Response Kit allows the rescuer the flexibility to gain access to your victim, proceed with rescue operations, treat, and triage up to 16 patients. The Disaster Response Bag is made of 1000 Denier Nylon and padded with high density foam. Inside the bag there are 6 equipment pockets. It has a 2" wide carrying handle, rifle sling carrying straps, reflective trim and for extra durability, a vinyl coated bottom. Measures 91/2" diagonally x 21" length.

The kit contains the following essential pieces of rescue equipment:

•Vital Signs Triage Holster Set • 511 Tool • Multipurpose Rescue Shears • Lifehammer Deluxe • Starburst Flashlight • 12-in-1 Rescue Tool • Explorer Knife • Window Punch • Life-Float™ II (floating seatbelt cutter) • Thermal Rescue Blankets (2) • CPR Lifeshield™ • Ice Packs (3) • Bio Hazard Bags (2) • 5" x 9" Dressings (4) • Blood Stopper/Burn Bandage


  • Capacity: 16
  • Color: Orange
  • Component: Triage holster set, 511 tool, rescue shears, lifehammer deluxe, flashlight, rescue tool, knife, window punch, seabelt cutter, thermal rescue blankets, CPR lifeshield, ice packs, bio hazard bags, 5" x 9" dressings, blood stopper, burn bandage
  • Type: Full kit
  • Use: First responder, law enforcement
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