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Dual Cell 18650 Charger

Item #: SF-SF18650-KIT01
Manufacturer: SUREFIRE
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The SF18650 Rechargeable Battery Kit features a high-quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery"for use in SureFire's P1R Peacekeeper and P1R Peacekeeper Tactical rechargeable flashlights"and a Smart Charger with two independent charging bays and LED charge indicators for individual charging and charge detection. The long-life rechargeable SF18650 battery is good for a minimum of 500 charge cycles. It is a Å“protected battery because it features a protection circuit module (PCM), which provides safety features Å“unprotected 18650 batteries do not, including protection against overcharging, over-discharging, excessive current draw, and short-circuiting. The included Smart Charger also features over-charge and over-voltage protection and has both an AC wall plug and a DC vehicle charger plug for convenient charging from any 110V - 240V AC wall outlet or DC lighter-style vehicle port.

Note: SF18650 batteries are for use in P1R Peacekeeper and Peacekeeper Tactical rechargeable flashlights only. Do NOT attempt to use them to power any other SureFire illumination tool models.

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