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Faststrike with Fastfire Tinders

Item #: S3-CO-20150
Manufacturer: SOLKOA
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The Faststrike tool is a 3-inch long ferrocerium high-energy sparking rod and a 3-inch hardened steel hacksaw blade weighing only 1 oz. This simple and compact sparking system is more reliable than others, including flint-based lighters, because it has no mechanical parts and works when wet. The Faststrike system is also flexible for multiple tasks. When not needed for striking the sparking rod, the hacksaw blade can be used for cutting various materials, including metals, and produces excellent saw dust for use as additional tinder material.

The Fastfire tinder material, when contacted by a flame or just sparks, creates a sustained 1,300 degree flame in seconds. The Fastfire cube is ideal tinder when trying to get a camp or survival fire going under any conditions. It produces a wind resistant flame that will ignite even when wet. A full cube will burn for 10-12 minutes. If cut into 8 pieces for extended use, each piece will burn for 2-3 minutes. The cubes are individually sealed in a heavy-duty foil laminate wrap for long term storage.

Contents: 1 Faststrike
2 Fastfire cubes
Size: Rod " 3 ? long, ? dia. Hacksaw Blade Striker 3 x ?
Weight: 1 oz.
Rod and blade attached by 17 Type I nylon cord
Good for 5,000+ strikes
Rod includes rubber grip
Fastfire cubes:
Size: 1 x 1
Weight: 0.2 oz.
Generates a sustained flame up to 1300°F
Water resistant. Burns even when wet
Wind resistant.
Smokeless and odorless
Ignites easily from any spark or any flame
Low flashpoint of 140°F
Individually packaged in heavy-duty foil laminate for long shelf life and durability.
Left whole, one cube will burn vigorously for 10 - 12 minutes
Divided into eight pieces, each piece will burn 2 - 3 minutes
Once extinguished, material is cool to the touch almost immediately
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