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Manufacturer: SOLKOA
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The Faststrike tool is a ferrocerium high-energy sparking rod and a hardened steel hacksaw blade. This simple and compact sparking system is more reliable than others, including flint-based lighters, because it has no mechanical parts and works when wet. The Faststrike system is also flexible for multiple tasks. When not needed for striking the sparking rod, the hacksaw blade can be used for cutting various materials, including metals, and produces excellent saw dust for use as additional tinder material.

SOLKOA Survival Systems products are derived from SOLKOA, Inc.'s professional line of military contingency tools and kits developed and refined by our principals for nearly three decades. Tested under the harshest conditions by those with the toughest jobs in the most dangerous places, our products blend a no-nonsense focus on function, durability and flexibility while reducing unnecessary weight and bulk. The Faststrike tool was developed because it meets our goal of function, durability and flexibility. We strive every day to ensure SOLKOA's offerings provide all our customers the crucial edge for success when their lives must depend on it. This is our passion, and our promise.
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