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Probably one of the simplest and most useful tools that we all grew up with is the humble flashlight. We had one in our cars and one in our kitchen junk drawer. They are humble no longer. DNA Tactical has flashlights that will stay on (day and night) for 60 days and nights with unbreakable lifetime LED bulbs, as well as flashlights that double as USB flash drives and are as small as your car fob.
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Bear Grylls Micro Torch

Item #: 31-001034
Value: $16.00 Save: $3.00

GDC Zip Light+ Lighting

Item #: 31-001745

Gerber Cortex Compact Flashlight

Item #: 31-002308
Value: $94.00 Save: $12.00

Gerber Cortex Flashlight

Item #: 31-001879
Value: $120.00 Save: $6.00
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