Hands-Free Lights

Wouldn't it be lovely if every dangerous or emergency situation occurred in the daylight? That way, we could all see clearly what was happening, so we could take the steps necessary to save the lives of innocents. Any of us who have been in deadly force encounters know that predators use low light situations to disarm and frighten those they would deem prey. Take that advantage away from them with hands free lighting from DNA Tactical. There are many places and ways to light a situation without the need to hold a flashlight in your hand: on your head or helmet, on your wrist or even on the brim of the ubiquitous baseball cap. Don't let a would-be predator use the dark against you.

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2211 WristLight

Item #: SF-2211-A-BK
Value: $495.00 Save: $49.50

Accessory Headstrap

Item #: SF-2211-HEADSTRAP
Value: $17.00 Save: $1.70

Compact Wristlight

Item #: SF-2211X-A-BK
Value: $169.00 Save: $16.90

Compact Wristlight with Luminox Watch

Item #: SF-2211-B-BK-LMX
Value: $649.00 Save: $64.90

Headlamp Maximus

Item #: SF-HS3-A-BK

Headlamp, Saint Minimu

Item #: SF-HS2-MV-A-BK

Helmet Light, 3V, 1.4 -19.2 Lu

Item #: SF-HL1-A-BK
Value: $190.00 Save: $19.00

HFR-M Light w/Helmet Mount

Item #: GB-30-000287

HL1 Helmet Light

Item #: SF-HL1-D-TN
Value: $190.00 Save: $19.00

Myth Baseball Cap Light

Item #: GB-31-001865

Myth Hands Free Light

Item #: GB-31-001259
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