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HellFighter 5

Item #: SF-HF5
Manufacturer: SUREFIRE
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Under nine inches long and just over five pounds in weight, the HellFighter 5 is SureFire's most compact, most powerful, and versatile searchlight suitable for crew-served / heavy gun weapon light applications. A precision mirror-finish reflector with a rugged high intensity discharge (HID) lamp generates a 4,500-lumen, 730,000 candela beam with a maximum range in excess of 1,600 meters, yet provides a wide cone of peripheral light for situational awareness and enhanced patrol or search efficacy. The filament-free HID lamp, virtually immune to failure from recoil, vibration, or impact, will last for thousands of hours. 

The HellFighter 5 can be powered in four different ways:

  • An integral long-life lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can power the HF5 for 80 minutes. The battery not only provides a backup case of external power failure but also makes the HF5 compact and convenient when used as a handheld searchlight/spotlight. A 5-level LED indicator lets you instantly see the battery charge level; the lowest-level LED flashes when 10% or less power remains. A 90% discharged HF5 battery can typically be brought up to 80% capacity in one hour. The HellFigher 5's light output remains constant until the battery is discharged; there is no gradual output decrease as battery charge decreases.

  • Any vehicle accessory outlet ("cigarette lighter" socket) that supplies from 11 to 32 volts DC. The included cable plugs into the accessory socket one end and the rear of the HF5 at the other end.

  • An AC-to-DC plug-in power supply/battery charger with integral cable (included); simultaneously powers the HellFighter 5 and recharges it's integral battery.

  • BA-5590 and similar military batteries, via an optional power cable that clips to the battery/batteries at one end and plugs in the rear of the HF5 at the other end.

  • Power supply cables with remote switches are available. The HF5 also features an integral rear-located momentary/constant-on pushbutton switch, which also serves as a backup switch should a remote cable switch assembly be damaged or otherwise fail.
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