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Holsters are generally intended to safely and conveniently stow and carry handguns for both concealment and ease of access.  Holsters have evolved from once only being carried on the hip and now are designed for virtually every body part.  Though waistband and belt holsters are common among a variety of industries, professions, and needs of individual shooters, holsters are also available for the ankle, shoulders, pocket, backpack or purse, and shirts.  At their core, holsters are designed to provide the maximum protection and safety for the firearm when not in use.  These days, handgun holsters may be intended for sporting and competitive use with designs intended for the quickest draw possible.  They might also be intended for concealed or open-carry, depending on the legality of a given state or locality.

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Jackass Tie Down Set

Item #: JCTD
Value: $24.95 Save: $4.99

JST Off Side Tie Down

Item #: JST

MCH Spider Harness for System

Item #: MCH
Value: $45.95 Save: $9.19

MCII Harness for System

Item #: MCIIH

SST Off Side Tie Down

Item #: SST
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