No matter what task you need a multi-tool for, DNA Tactical has you covered. Whether you are in need of a tool for the most prosaic of day-to-day jobs around the house or garage or you need a tactical tool for heavy duty breaching, DNA Tactical multi-tools has thought of everything and chosen an American made tool to handle the job. From the smallest tool to hang from your keychain to the toughest battering ram imaginable, DNA Tactical has found the best American has to offer.

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Item #: EMI-664

Twelve In One Rescue Tool

Item #: EMI-8448

Multi-Tools Questions & Answers

Can I travel on a commercial airline with my knife and / or multi-tool?

Most knives and multi-tools are forbidden on commercial airlines. There are very specific items offered from a few notable manufacturers that are designed to be tools that are TSA approved.

What should I do if I break my multi-tool?

Consult with the manufacturer's warranty to see if such damages are covered. If so, you must go through the manufacturer directly for replacements or repairs.

Are there any restrictions or U.S. States that forbid the carry of a multi-tool?

Presently, there are no laws or regulations forbidding the carry of multi-tools within the U.S., provided it does not classify as a "switch-blade".

Some of the finish is wearing off on my multi-tool. Is this wear-and-tear covered under warranty?

Most manufacturers do not cover standard wear-and-tear that can degrade the finish or coloring of the tool by it rubbing against scabbards, moving in and out of pockets, etc. You must verify with the manufacturer's own warranty policy to be certain if such damage and wear is covered.

The sheath for my multi-tool has worn out or broken. Am I able to get a replacement sheath for my exact model?

Some manufacturers do offer options for replacement sheaths. We strive to carry as many of them as possible and you can navigate through all our options under the "Sheaths & Cases" found within our Knives/Tools category.
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