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SureFire G2D Fire Rescue

Item #: G2D-FYL
Manufacturer: SUREFIRE
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The SureFire G2D Fire Rescue LED Flashlight is an excellent companion for those that step into harms way for the sake of others. The SureFire G2D Fire Rescue LED Flashlight is well made and utilizes the finest components and design elements to ensure that when you need a light source the G2D will be ready. The SureFire G2D Fire Rescue comes with three power levels, a extremely durable Nitrolon body in yellow with reflective stickers, and a tail cap switch. As the old adage goes "it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it", and the SureFire G2D Fire Rescue LED Flashlight is a great one to always have on hand.


  • High: 115 Lumens 2.5 hours
  • Medium: 60 Lumens 7 hours
  • Low: 15 Lumens 32 hours
  • Size: 6"x1.47"
  • Weight: 5.3 oz
  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Three output levels-low for close work and extended runtime, medium for general use, high for maximum light
  • Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
  • Tough polycarbonate window resists impact
  • Tough, lightweight Nitrolon body with deep grid pattern for secure grip, anodized
  • Aluminum bezel and tailcap
  • Three-output tailcap click switch-press or click repeatedly to select low, medium, or high
  • Extra-long fluorescent lanyard included
  • Weatherproof O-ring and gasket sealing
  • Includes high-energy CR-123A batteries with 10-year shelf life
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