Survival bracelets

One of the simplest ways to carry an almost endlessly useful tool at all times is to wear a paracord or survival bracelet. There are nearly unlimited uses for a good strong line is survival situations, and there are many ways to transport or carry it day to day. Probably the simplest way to do so (and, arguably, the most fashionable) is to wear it as a bracelet. This allows you to keep a useful tool on your person without advertising to all who see you that you are prepared for the possible difficult and dangerous situations that life can present to you at any time.

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BG Survival Bracelet

Item #: 31-001773
Value: $19.00 Save: $3.00

Stokes Paracord Accessory - Compass, Opener, Led and Firestarter

Item #: 9703
Value: $16.99 Save: $4.50

Survival Bracelet 8 inch w/ Compass, Black

Item #: UST20-295-345-E5
Value: $5.99 Save: $1.32

Survival Bracelet 8 inch, Glo

Item #: UST20-295-234-15
Value: $6.95 Save: $1.53
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