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Survivor Disaster Kit

Item #: EMI-470
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The EMI Survivor Disaster Kit is your personal grab-and-go bag. It has all the necessary equipment needed during and after a disaster situation. A valuable asset to the kit is the survivor hand cranked flashlight that doubles as a cell phone charger that can provide up to a one-hour charge for your cell phones. The nylon Cordura bag has 3 spacious main compartments and 2 side zippered end pockets. The inside top flap has a meshed zippered pocket to hold your personal belongings, valuables, medicine, etc. The bag also has a carrying handle and an adjustable detachable sling. It is trimmed with a Star of Life emblem and yellow reflective trim. The Survivor Disaster Kit is a must have kit to have to prepare and protect you, your family and your workers! The bag measures 14"L X 9"W X 6"H.

Survivor Disaster Kit Includes:


Survivor 4 in 1 Flashlight
(Flashlight, radio, alarm, phone charger)
Tek Tool Survival Card
(2 screwdrivers, cap and can opener, knife
edge position and butterfly wrench, ruler,
magnifying glass, compass and light)
12 in One Tool
Survival Whistle
Starlight- Waterproof Flashlight
EMS Shears


2- Hand Warmers (10 Hr. Each)
1- Large Warmer (24 Hr.)
4- Thermal Rescue Blankets
2- 6" Green 12Hr. Light sticks
4- Molded Masks
2- CPR Lifeshields
4- Instant Ice Packs 4"x5"
1- Burn/Blood Stopper Bandage
2- 5" x 9" Dressings


  • Color: Orange
  • Component: Survivor 4 in 1 flashlight, tek tool survival card, 12 in one tool, survival whistle, starlight- waterproof flashlight, ems shears, 2- hand warmers (10 hr. each), 1- large warmer (24 hr.), 4- thermal rescue blankets, 2- 6" green 12hr. light sticks, 4- molded masks,
  • Type: Full kit
  • Use: Household, survival
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