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As much as we may wish it to never be true, those of us who know how this world and its people can sometimes be accept that the bubble can truly go up. DNA Tactical knows this sad truth as well and because of this knowledge and their desire to keep all of us safe, they have created a grouping of vests and carriers specifically for the tactical disaster. From plate carrier vests to chest rigs to keep your emergency gear right at your fingertips, DNA Tactical has the battle-tested gear to keep you safe so you can keep your loved ones safe.

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Taclite Plate Carrier

Item #: 5-56166
Value: $159.99 Save: $10.00

TacTec Chest Rig

Item #: 5-56061
Value: $84.99 Save: $5.00

TacTec Plate Carrier

Item #: 5-56100
Value: $199.99 Save: $10.00

VTAC Brokos Belt

Item #: 5-58642
Value: $79.99 Save: $5.00

VTAC Brokos Harness

Item #: 5-56105
Value: $42.99 Save: $3.00

VTAC LBE Tactical Vest

Item #: 5-58631
Value: $109.99 Save: $10.00
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