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In Science, DNA is the molecular basis of heredity consisted in all living things and from these building blocks any living organism can grow to lead an evolved and versatile existence. Whether referring to hunting, sporting, self-defense or even tactical operations,  knowledge forms those key building blocks that creates the foundation for growth. This is DNA Tactical's core value as a company. DNA Tactical is dedicated to providing the best customer service, knowledge, information, researched products and shopping experience to help all our customers (including but not limited to: Military Personal / LEO / GOV Agencies) accrue a strong "foundation" that will help them achieve their specific needs and exceed their end goals. DNA's mission, as a company, is to provide every customer with access to the insight of professionals proficient with knowledge and expertise that can help them secure the exact equipment required for a potential deployment, self-defense, home-defense, survival and recreational activities. In addition, when we set out to tackle this project, we committed ourselves to specialize in our own "Modular ? Multi-Conditional" Medical Kits that are designed to accommodate the survival needs of various Individuals, in various circumstances, with the concept of "You", "Surviving Your Conditions", "Removing the B.S." and all in all the "Ease of Use" at the very heart of each design.

We are a proud U.S. based company that believes in quality over quantity, and reliability of products manufactured with pride, precision, and durability that deliver results when needed most. While we offer a wide array of products with options & merchandise fabricated by various brands and manufacturers, we recommend you take time to read through our "Product Pros & Cons" section and familiarize yourself with the  products before committing to a purchase. We make every effort to research, test and evaluate each product we distribute in order to understand the full potential, final-use and  life-cycle to provide you with the most as well as the best information possible.

We stand behind every product we carry. It is important for DNA Tactical and our team of specialists to support our local markets and business's making a difference, and providing high quality manufactured products that can only be found here in the U.S.A. (We urge our customers, shoppers & browsers to do the same and support our economy). In addition, we support those that guarantee quality as well as ensure battle proven products manufactured all over the world which meet the requirements of our very strict standards. Ultimately when you trust your life to an item you have to KNOW beyond reasonable doubt that it's going to withstand everyday use, perform exactly like it was designed to at the exact moment you need it most.

The world is ever changing, and our mission is to help more and more individuals become aware of those changes, provide guidance and instigate courage to committing themselves to being prepared for possible dangers that surround them daily. With vast changes occurring everyday, it's extremely difficult to stay in-tune and understand the full magnitude of these potential hazards in addition to staying up-to-date with advancements in products, technology, gear, etc. DNA's model and team of trained professionals are here to assist in any manner or form to help our customers familiarize themselves across the board to find the best products available on the market today that will best serve the needs they were intended for. That's exactly why we are here - It's our commitment to you!

DNA gives YOU access to subject matter experts who have a "no bias" approach or "personal opinion" towards any one (1) manufacturer or product… always taking into consideration that these products meet our highest standards and essentially YOUR needs. Once you give us the opportunity to understand what you're looking for, you can rest assured that we will help YOU to the best of our abilities to provide the very best solution without the common "belittling mindset" that tends to accompany these topics within our industry. We will work with YOU directly to understand exactly what your needs and limitations are, and provide the best available  solutions you require.

To better serve you and the industry, DNA Tactical's staff continually attends training events, seminars, new product demonstrations, classroom activities, perform our own in house tests on products, stay alert for new product releases, and diligently research network channels weekly in order to provide the best quality of information. It is our end goal to help eliminate the guesswork for our customers, and to ensure they're getting exactly what they need the first time with solutions that will last a lifetime.

Many of our customers already have a good idea what they're looking for and with consistent growth, advancements and changes; we continually evolve our site making it easier to navigate through the many potential options and products. The objective is to provide a pleasurable experience, easy to use, fast to identify and simple to acquire each time you visit. Please take a moment and visit our blog and watch our videos to get a chance to know us better and see for yourselves the dedication we have of providing YOU with the most for the least amount of dedication.

For us at DNA Tactical, being knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful in our field is a way of life. We strive every day to become better at what we do so that YOU, our valued customers can reap the benefits of our diligent nature without sacrificing your valuable time and requirements!

DNA Tactical is only successful when you are…

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