No matter what type of blade you are looking for ‑ from hunting to self-defense to survival to diving, DNA Tactical has the best selection of tested and proven edged tools available. For many, a knife is a tool that is carried each day, one which we routinely have cause to draw from its sheath or from our pocket for tasks large and small: from sharpening a pencil in your shop to stripping a wire for a roadside repair to cleaning a fish to cook over a fire on a weekend in the woods with our families. DNA Tactical knives are carefully selected to deliver on their promise when needed most and to perform at the same high standard every time they are reached for ‑ be it for a familiar task or for an emergency when life hangs in the balance.

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Knives Questions & Answers

Is it legal for me to own an Automatic/ Assisted opening knife where I reside?

Depending on the state you reside in, some types of knives may actually be illegal to own, possess and carry. Certain States like CO, DE, HA, IL, LA, ME, MI, MN, NJ, NM, PA, VA, WA, WI, and D.C. all enforce laws that state owning a "switch-blade" is illegal. Other states like CA, GA, MT, NY, VT, and WV all enforce laws that stipulate a limitation on age as well as the actual blade length. PLEASE NOTE that it is the customer responsibility to review all local city, county, and state laws & regulations to verify exactly what you are permitted to own and purchase by law. Be aware that some "assisted" opening knives have not been classified as "switch-blades" and may not be subject to these laws.

My knife malfunctioned and is now broken. Is this covered by warranty?

DNA Tactical tenders the highest-quality knives from some of the most popular and well respected manufacturers in the industry. Most top-tier manufacturers offer limited-warranty that can be addressed directly through their services. 

What are my options if my knife becomes dull?

While knife-sharpening kits are readily available, not everyone wishes to sharpen their own knives. In many cases, top-brand manufacturers offer sharpening services for their purchased knives.

What are my options if my knife begins to develop rust-spots?

Knives, like all tools alike, should be maintained in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the manufacturers. Proper care, maintenance, and cleaning is your best answer against rust. However, if rust has already began forming on the blade, a good cleaning and sharpening should do the trick. If not, you should consult with the manufacturer's guidelines to resolve the issue in a manner that will not negate any warranty.

How do I sharpen the serrations on my serrated blade?

There are special tools and sharpeners designed to help maintain the edge on the serrations of your blade. These can be found in our knife sharpening section.
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