Welcome to DNA Tactical

Welcome to DNA Tactical!

Here you will find one of the best and most comprehensive online marketplaces for shooting enthusiasts, survivalists, first-responders, outdoor patrons, hunters and essentially all those honorable professionals who serve us and the United States of America. We present the largest scope of categories online and offer an extensive selection of the world’s best brands, catering to the shooting industry and similar respective markets and services.

We pride ourselves in implementing one of the best online experiences for our customers.

Our team of experts incorporated the most intuitive shopping cart resources to help you identify the most suitable equipment available contingent to each outdoor and shooting activity. DNA Tactical integrated the best online “Product Identifiers” which assist all shoppers in analyzing and classifying the exact product that is required for the intended final use. Our company’s core value of “Quality over Quantity” and offering the world’s most elite brands including “Made in the USA” products, is our promise of a 100% satisfaction guaranteed shopping experience!

Light Your Way in a Survival Situation

Sometimes being prepared requires you to have a light on you at all times, too often people rely on their mobile phones to light their way if they need to find something or do anything in the dark. Not only are mobile phone batteries drained very quickly by using the torch but in an emergency your phone is probably better preserved for contacting other members of your party and making emergency calls.

Fire Lighting Tips for Outdoor and Survival

Fire is one of your most vital resources in the outdoors, nothing else in the history of the human species has been quite as revolutionary as the discovery and harnessing of fire, and it is as vital now as it ever was. In the outdoors only our requirements for air and shelter ranks above our need for fire.

Always have the correct tool for the survival situation at hand

There are so many factors that are involved when we think and talk and read about "survival". We may think about being in the wilderness, or we may think about the jobs that some of us have in the world where use-of-force is regular and necessary, or we may think about civil unrest (a reality that is, sadly, growing more common in our country recently). And for each of these, there are various tasks and tools that come to mind as well ‑ everything from purifying water to binding a wound to defending against an attacker to staying warm and dry. What we all agree on is that surviving is serious business where the stakes couldn't be any higher and the price of failure couldn't be more severe.

Always be prepared for injuries in the field

I want to tell you a little story. This is a story about a lack of preparation. A story of when being stupid was thankfully followed by being lucky. Without the latter, the former would have kept me from telling this story at all. Depending on luck is a terrible decision in a survival situation. Depending on "well, this has always worked before" is foolish ‑ we should learn from those around us who may have more experience or more knowledge (or even a differing perspective or viewpoint). As Bismark is to have said, "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." This would make me a fool and you, the reader, wise.

DNA Tactical is a U.S. based company and your comprehensive online resource for reliable information & products that are manufactured with pride, precision, and durability.

Our team of comprised professional’s believe in passing down progressive knowledge, extensive product information and tactical education cultivated over time; providing our customers a favorable advantage in eliminating nature’s obstacle’s with the intent to gain self-sufficiency, self-management, and essentially control over one owns destiny in all social systems. Anything that can’t be governed or quantified by mathematical laws is simply a theory or someone’s opinion!

We back our lesson plans, educational segments and product recommendations with codified formulas, analytics and strategies; always considering the uniqueness of humanity and essentially enhancing the shopping experience for all U.S. Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire & Rescue Teams, Medics & EMT’s, Survivalists, Hunters and Shooting Enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s a profession, hobby or a way of life, DNA Tactical is your premium online source in identifying the exact tool for the intended job. Our non-biased ethic towards any one brand, product or manufacturer foremost, assists in guiding our customers in committing to the right purchase the very first time, exceeding their end goals.

Welcome to DNA Tactical! Practice how you would perform and always perform how you would practice.

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