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Your daily carry kit should include the ability to light up the night!

EDC: Every Day Carry. This means so much more than simply a concealable firearm, though that is the extent of what many people think. There are so many tools that we need access to every day other than a gun; in fact, our gun is likely the tool that we will reach for the least. So what is it that we need to have with us at all times in addition to a weapon? We have talked before about the importance and utility of a knife and some type of multi-tool. What else do we carry? A light source. DNA Tactical is the place to find the equipment and the advice to help you find the hand held lights that you need.

Protecting your hearing as you train is as important as the training itself

Is there anything more foolish than hurting yourself while training to protect yourself? Whether we get hurt in the weight room or while going for a run or while otherwise protecting our health and wellbeing, it feels (and arguably, in preventable cases, is) absurd to sustain an injury in the pursuit of health and safety. 

Protecting your eyes in all situations is a simple way to ensure your safety

I want to tell you a story about eyewear. It’s a simple story that could have happened to any one of us (and, the more often I tell this story, the more often I have people reach out to me saying that they experienced the same or a similar set of circumstances.) But first a little background about me, so that you know that I am not just a foolish Johnny-come-lately who was ignoring some of the most basic safety rules that experienced people follow as a matter of course.

Choosing the right holders for your gear is as important as choosing the right gear.

I had spent my whole life shooting and hunting and camping and backpacking. I shot for fun on the range and in wilderness in northern New England. I hunted small game with rifle and shotgun and big game with revolvers. I never really liked camping (parking my car or motorcycle at a campsite and pitching a tent there and walking in the woods), but I loved to backpack ...

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We back our lesson plans, educational segments and product recommendations with codified formulas, analytics and strategies; always considering the uniqueness of humanity and essentially enhancing the shopping experience for all U.S. Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire & Rescue Teams, Medics & EMT’s, Survivalists, Hunters and Shooting Enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s a profession, hobby or a way of life, DNA Tactical is your premium online source in identifying the exact tool for the intended job. Our non-biased ethic towards any one brand, product or manufacturer foremost, assists in guiding our customers in committing to the right purchase the very first time, exceeding their end goals.

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