No Sales Tax Advantage

tax free

DNA Tactical is proud to offer the "No Sales Tax Advantage"! All orders placed through our shopping cart are processed and shipped with NO SALES TAX with the exception of the State of Nevada. If you are a Nevada State resident or shipping to a Nevada address, please click here for applicable taxes per county.

ATTENTION: Due to online business law known as "Nexus", DNA Tactical is obligated to include sales

tax on all orders within the governing State of Nevada, NV. DNA Tactical retains sales tax as required by Federal Law for all other U.S. States. Sales, Use and Value-Added taxes are subject to change at any time and ARE the sole responsibility of the buyer. DNA Tactical reserves the right to change this policy and "Advantage" at any time as tax and Governing Law changes occur.

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to contact us directly should you have any additional questions, concerns or need further clarification. 

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