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Emergency Outdoors Medicine and Rescue

Whenever you head out into the wilderness you should carry basic medical equipment, even on a daily basis I always have a case of band-aids in my pocket for minor cuts, and a more robust first aid kit in my bag which includes a large wound dressing, CAT tourniquet and extra band-aids and dressings for minor wounds. These items might save your life in the event of an accident.

Cordage and Accessories for Survival and Outdoors

Long before celebrated Canadian bushcraft and survival expert Mors Kochanski dedicated a chapter of his famous book Northern Bushcraft to the topic of 'bindcraft' and before Dave Canterbury’s concept of five C’s of survivability became popular Stone Age hunter gatherers were creating cordage from the bark of willow and basswoods, grasses and animal skins.

Choosing and Using Survival Knives

This is what we need to look for in a primary knife; something that will perform basic wood craft tasks such as creating feather sticks, whittling, preparing food and game and at a push batoning or splitting SMALL wood. The small needs to be emphasised because you must not risk your primary knife by splitting large logs or treating it like and axe or froe.

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