Dunamis Gear Cargo Hanger Pouches

08-31-2014 by: Mil-Spec Monkey


Simple large capacity modular pouches are still a bit on the rare side these days so it was refreshing to see a whole line from Dunamis Gear. Although a small company, one can tell a lot of care goes into these pouches with attention to detail and use of quality materials. They take the end result quality very seriously by guaranteeing Duramis Gear products for life.

Starting with the Front Zip style pouches, they are log like in shape with a 2 slider zipper going down the front side, kind of like having a duffel bag as a pouch. G-Hooks are used as the main attachment method to attach to larger military packs with good doses of PALS webbing. The connection straps also form the compression straps using ITW SRBs (Side Release Buckles). As a nice touch looplocs are sewn into the sides to help guide the webbing and to manage the slack. When first seeing the pouches I did have concern what to do with the webbing slack when the pouches are empty and cinched down. Rather than getting into any fancy slack rolling, I found it quick and easy to just tuck the slack behind the pouch.

Normally I'm not a big fan of having to release compression straps to get to a compartment, but the G-hook / SRB combo works well on these Front Zip pouches. When all cinched down it causes a snug fit mounting wise so things aren't bouncing around and when released the connections become fairly loose making getting items in and out of the pouch easier. Depending on the item, sometimes one can get away with just releasing one SRB; thanks to the long zipper with double slidders, one can move them up or down to get to items on either end easier. As a bonus the compression straps end up helping with zipper placement retention as well.

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