ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch Fatboy

May 29 2014 / Mil-Spec Monkey
ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch Fatboy

There are a lot of medical pouches out there these days so always good to see some unique designs like this one. ITS Tactical has been around as a tactical resource site for a while now, and like us started to apply that knowledge to gear designs of their own. Collaborating with Zulu Nylon Gear, their kit is made in the USA and at the mil-spec standards expected of hard use tactical gear.

This Fatboy version measures approx 7`³ Tall x 5.25`³ Wide x 2.5`³ Deep which is about the typical size for an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), however the rest of the design is fairly non-typical. The main opening is optimized for quick access utilizing a good sized webbing pull handle and dual zippers offering a tear open functionality. Being more of a half ellipse shape instead of a classic rectangle adds noticeable smoothness opening. A little bit of hook and loop closure up top makes sure the zipper doesn't slowly open accidentally with normal use. If worn in a fairly accessible place like up front on a chest rig, then all goods are easily accessed by both hands. Malice clips are provided by default, but for those who still need a full pouch tear off option, ITS also offers Molly Stix which provide a disconnect by pulling their connection cords away from one's body. That could be a whole other review, but check out the video on ITS's site for now :) 

I've been rolling with my med kits on the back of my battle belt since not as likely to need it priority wise, yet still able to reach it when needed. Unfortunately this was about the only place I had trouble using the Molly Stix; between it being on my back side and armor in my vest being right above, I could not get reliable releases. Everywhere else seemed fine though; such as frontal, side, and dropleg mounting. As you'll see in my pics, I even made a more rowdy pull cord for the Stix and experimented with default placement thanks to a little bit of one-wrap.

On that subject, each pouch comes with a ITS medical symbol patch and red one wrap for the handle to make it obvious the pouch is a medical pouch. For those more worried about blending into their environment, both features are easily removed. There is a little bit of PALS webbing on both sides of the ETA Pouch to allow mounting of smaller modular pouches, but most people will see it as a good option for external tourniquet mounting. The rubber bands that come with the SOF-T work fine to route through the PALS webbing if one doesn't want to add on another pouch. Feel free to use some shock cord as well if worried about accidental release. Worth noting, the back has a full set of PALS webbing to give expanded mounting options is always a bonus.

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