Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Holsters

09-29-2013 by: Mil-Spec Monkey

There is a lot of decent kydex out there so always nice to see a company keeping things fresh with new ideas like Pitbull Tactical. Their main product has been the Bloodline holster line in which the latest generation has some pretty sweet features. The general size and shape of the Bloodline is about what most would expect a modern kydex holster to be, however the hole placement and clips hardware offerings allow for not only height adjustment, but cant (angle) adjustment, and the ability to convert back and forth from OWB and IWB setups. (OWB = Outside the Waist Band and IWB = Inside the Waist Band)

Position adjustments are made by simply moving the clip mounting locations around. The Wings optional hardware add even more adjustment flexibility and I think helps curve fit the holster to one's body better. The IWB clips allow for holster mounting and removal while pants and belt are already on while the OWB clips are close looped so a belt will need to be fed through. On the IWB clips I think the slot and hook sizing is a good balance. It can be tricky on how far to push the inner hook; if too far they are a pain to use and might as well be closed loop then if too stubby of a hook it can be a security issue where the clip can manage to slip off the belt. When it comes to holster position stability on a belt, the location of the pant belt loops and belt material tend to be a large factor, but I found the Bloodline non-slip qualities sufficient. Integrating non-slip material into the hooks could be a worthwhile idea, yet there are probably decent reasons why I have never seen it done before yet.

Small details count on kydex so it is nice to see all edges are properly smoothed out and good hardware is used. The screws interface with simple flat head screwdrivers so no wacky specialty tools are needed and coins will work in a pinch. O-rings are also included to add screw tension preventing unscrewing with normal wear and use. An extra screw set is even included which is a welcomed addition for creative mounting and backup hardware. I inquired what was the deal with the "spikes" on the sides and Pitbull Tactical confirmed they were for adding strength to stress points and a dash of visual sass. I was a bit worried they may create body poke points so luckily they haven't been a problem yet and I do agree they add some aggressive flair to the holster look. Thickness wise .06" kydex is used for the main construction which offers good flexibility comfort while the clips use .93" to reinforce the mounting points. These thicknesses match up well together since the holster is made up of 2 pieces while the clips are single piece based giving a consistent strength to the holster as a whole. The end result width is nice and compact with the bloodline series being one of the smaller footprint kydex holsters out there; making sure not to get carried away with getting bulky and overbuilt in a bad way.

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