There is no substitute for a rifle. We live in a time when more and more people are carrying handguns in their daily lives, and yet there is nothing that a handgun can muster that can take the place of the advantages of a rifle.

The long sight radius of a rifle allows for far more accurate rounds on target. The length of the barrel keeps the accelerant burning behind the projectile which results in muzzle velocities unheard of in a handgun. The availability of rifle accessories that would make a handgun unwieldy - from sights to lights - all combine to make it the weapon of choice for defending your home, or for hunting, or for work on the range. The rifle is the tool of choice of experts everywhere.

S&W M&P15 SPTII 556NATO 16" 30RD BLK
Vendor: Smith & Wesson
Price: $501.93  
MSRP: $739.00 Save: $237.07
Sierra 316 H/MLOK
Vendor: Del-Ton
Price: $709.00  
MSRP: $876.71 Save: $167.71
Vendor: Sig Sauer
Price: $2549.99  
MSRP: $2749.99 Save: $200.00
Stag Arms STAG-15 M2 16" 556NATO 30 RD
Vendor: Stag Arms LLC
Price: $809.00  
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