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Trilogy Rescue Knife

Item #: EMI-422
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EMI's Trilogy Rescue Knife is the first and only triple blade rescue knife. Three separate stainless steel blades give the rescuers the option of a 3" smooth blade, a 2 1/2" blunt tip serrated blade or a combination of a 2" smooth blade with a seat belt cutter blade tip. All blades open easily with an indented thumb nail groove and lock in the open position for safety. Trilogy's high impact plastic handle features push button closure tabs for all three knives. It comes complete with a special design holster which can be worn horizontally or vertically. Length open 7 1/2". Length closed 4 1/2". Approximately 10 oz.


Blade edge - Straight,serrated
Blade finish - Satin
Blade length - 2",2 1/2",3"
Function - Folding
Handle color - Black
Style - Gut hook,drop point,round tip

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