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TruGlo Airgun Globe Sights Green

Item #: TG92
Manufacturer: TRU-GLO
The product is currently sold out

These high visibility front sights feature extra long fiber optics wrapped inside a protective housing, creating a very bright front aiming point. "Match" models will screw into existing M18 or M22 sight housings and include a locking ring for precise canting.


  • Revolutionary design for airguns
  • Extra-long, wrapped fiber optics in a protective housing
  • Ultra-bright aiming point
  • "Match" models thread into existing 18mm and 22mm front sight housings
  • "Match" models include locking ring for precise canting alignment
  • TG925G - Fits most popular airgun front dovetails and includes optional sunshade
  • Easy installation
  • Patent pending
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