Crimson Trace's Modular Vertical Foregrips have taken fusion & unification to a whole new level when adding lighting tools onto a rifle. Originally designed and manufactured for Military and Law Enforcement applications, these vertical grips contain a flashlight, laser and in some models, even IR functionality. These black polymer foregrips have streamlined three key elements in lighting and distinctively designed them as close to the center of the grip as possible. This design alleviates the weight of "torque" effect that commonly occurs with rifles when a weapon mounted light is fixed on one-side or the other.

These battery operated vertical foregrips can operate over 48 hours and the LED flashlight operates in three modes (Independent Momentary, Strobe & Constant-On). The laser is 100% interchangeable (Red, Green and IR options available) providing adaptability to environmental needs without replacing or interchanging the entire unit. The controls are completely ambidextrous and even compatible with syncing and linking additional electronic devices, granting multi-function control all in one-device.

Recently made available to civilians, the key advantage to consider when reviewing Crimson Trace's vertical foregrips are weapon stability, trigger control, light / laser / other electronics accessibility; all centralized into one-device. This tool provides the ultimate "control center" ensuring target acquisition in various lighting and shooting situations.


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