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DNA Tactical's Team of professional expert's is now pleased to announce a new feature, our Monthly Newsletter! Our Newsletters will be shared every month via email; providing constructive & supportive literature in order to aid our customers, readers and browsers to embrace the maximum of what the tactical trade has to offer. To initiate our Monthly Newsletter, we will launch a 10-Episode sequence on "How to build a Grab-Bag for your car." Recline, relax and unwind to some moderate yet informative reading and standby for more to come next month!  

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Issue 4: Survival snacking

Survival snacking

There are some vital basics in a survival situation that you have already read about in our previous newsletters. Shelter and water being two of the most basic and the most vital (see what I did there?), for without them a survival situation quickly turns into a lack-of-survival situation. After ensuring that you are protected from exposure and you are able to hydrate, what does any of us need or want next? FOOD!

Issue 3: Water in Your Vessel

Water in Your Vessel

Water is life! It has also been referred to as the elixir of life (and for good reason). Your body is comprised of 90%  water, and it doesn't take much for you to start feeling its absence. Even mild dehydration will cause your body's function to suffer. Severe muscle cramps can cripple you physically, preventing you from achieving elementary tasks. More importantly, your mental faculties will suffer as well, reducing your ability to comprehend and even solve transparent problems. That's why water is vital, essential, mandatory, an UN-LEAVE-OUT-ABLE element of your car kit!

Issue 2: Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter

Shelter? You may not think about it all that much, but it's absolutely the MOST important factor in all successful survival/rescue situations.

Shelter has the job of maintaining your body's core temperature of 98.6° F. A couple degrees above ↑ or below ↓ this core temperature and your body goes haywire, making any other survival task problematic. Shelter is what will keep you alive. Period!

If you're in your car, your shelter is already in place; unfortunately, convertibles with broken roofs don't count. 

Issue 1: Pernicious Packs

Factors to consider when building a Grab-Bag for your car ‑ 72hrs

You've broken down in the middle of nowhere, no cell signal and not another living soul for miles around. What a bad day! This scenario can happen at any moment, simply & easily to any one of us, at any time, but the outcome of what happens next is what's most important. Are you prepared? Let's take a moment in discussing and the consideration of building a "Grab-Bag" for your car over the coming months; this will essentially help you build a kit that will last you 72hrs and provide you the best chance to survive a scenario that can't be foreseen.

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