Columbia River Knives & Tools (CRKT) have engineered another must have in their Chogan T-Hawk designed by RMJ Tactical. Originally created for Military application and tactical use, this tool has the ability to augment anyone's kit or bag as they prepare for anything from hiking and camping, search and rescue, to even breaching a building or vehicle. The slight forward curve of the handle gives for optimal control as well as the angle of the cutting blades provide for powerful penetration with every stroke.

The flat edge rear provides a very rugged hammering tool and there are multiple hand grooves for different holds to provide different methods of application and stability. In addition, it has various lock points to run cords or lanyards through and comes with a MOLLE compatible scabbard assisting in strapping it to just about any piece of equipment. This one-piece of steel is perfectly balanced for complete stability and absolute durability no matter what it's tested against.

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