With the ever growing popularity of the AR-15 platform for the past decade or so, Custom Gun Rails designed & created a unique touch for personalization of your firearm never deviating away from comfort or practicality of use. These custom and decorative panels fit right onto most rails types that are used on modern rifles with no major alterations or modifications required.

Available for Picatinny Rails or KeyMod, Custom Gun Rails offers various options from Laser Engraved Aluminum to PVC with hundreds of images & sizes available and if that wasn't enough, CGR offers some options in reflective infrared. These panels are the perfect touch to truly customize your rifle whether you're an operator, collector, firearm enthusiast or simply a casual shooter. The fun doesn't stop there, CGR has a wide variety of other parts and mods ranging from Custom Dust Covers to Grit applications that will both enhance performance as well as customize your firearm to your specific needs. Next time you take your rifle out, be sure to catch everyone's attention and make your own statement!

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