Having the right tool to be able to defend yourself is crucial! Ultimately the best elements to a Self-Defense product is being able to easily incorporate it into your everyday life. It must be easy to use, effective and essentially ensure your health & safety. Mace Pepper Spray models were engineered and designed to accommodate for all the above. With 12 grams of some of the hottest formula pepper spray available on the market, Mace's Hot Pink Pocket Model shoots a straight stream from 8 to 12 feet with up to 15 short blasts and this pocket sized canister packs a big punch. In addition to the powerful oleoresin capsicum formula, the spray also contains an invisible UV Dye which is very difficult to wash or rub off. Once sprayed, it's easy for Law Enforcement to identify the perpetrator by simply flashing a black light to reveal the dye on the assailant. And if that's not reason enough, there's no reason for such a unique defense tool to be unfashionable, this Hot Pink version works just great on a keychain, in a pocket or even a purse.

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