Revision Military has been developing protective eyewear solutions for the US Army since 2006. Originally a Canadian based company, Revision Military expanded its operations into the US market in 2004 and has been consulting with US Armed Forces as well as the SOF communities in creating durable, comfortable and protective headgear ever since.

The new and improved ExoShield goggles by Revision Military addressed all the issues and drawbacks that almost all previous Mil-Spec ballistic goggles had, especially in conjunction with a helmet. These specially designed low-profile full ballistic goggles were designed to work in unification with NVG's (Night Vision Goggles) and hug very close to the face to drastically increase peripheral vision, visual perception, absolute comfort and complete eye protection. Whether in a dust-storm, jumping from a plane or headed into extreme windy conditions, the straps help keep them snug to your eyes even while wearing a helmet.

These dynamic goggles provide many advantages like Flawless Optics, Superior Ballistics, APEL approved, Low-Profile Compatibility, Quick-Release and so much more. While Revision Military only offers the ExoShield with a black frame option, multiple ballistic lens solutions are offered for varying light conditions.


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