Issue 4: Survival snacking

Survival snacking

There are some vital basics in a survival situation that you have already read about in our previous newsletters. Shelter and water being two of the most basic and the most vital (see what I did there?), for without them a survival situation quickly turns into a lack-of-survival situation. After ensuring that you are protected from exposure and you are able to hydrate, what does any of us need or want next? FOOD!

Whether you are in your car or have abandoned your vehicle to walk out of your situation and back to civilization, you will need a way to carry your food with you. Then again…it is also possible to hunt and forage for your food, but even we at DNA Tactical have gaps in our knowledge and expertise. If hunting and gathering are skills that you are searching for, we admire you and your dedication! While our focus is more on the gear that we know can help you to survive an emergency, if you reach out to us, we will happily guide you to some books and knowledgeable people who can help expand your skill set! Ok…back to food! As much as we love to eat, we know that if we are eating out of our backpacks, we shouldn't be expecting the same level of haute cuisine that we do from the main dining room at a Five Star hotel.

That said…here at DNA Tactical, we do love to eat, so only the most nutritious and delicious foods make our list. And, believe me, we tested (or should I say tasted) everything we could find. Some things we may have tested (tasted) a few times ‑ just to be extra certain. One of the most important edibles to keep with us is a 5-Year food bar. No, that doesn't mean that's how long you'll have to exercise in order to work off this dessert! It means that it has a 5-year shelf life, so you can keep it in your emergency backpack for five years and it will still be as delicious as on the first day. And just this little food bar has an entire 2400 calories!

Some foods are ready to eat, some just require water (isn't it a good thing that DNA Tactical taught you how to carry, find and purify water???) and some require cooking. Cooking? Doesn't that require fire? Well then it is a good thing that next month's newsletter is written by Prometheus? Crickets….? Prometheus stole fire from the gods in Greek Mythology and gave it to us mortals. In fact, Prometheus is a great name for all survivalists because his name means Forethought in ancient Greek! So let's get ready for Fire Talk next month!

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