Trijicon, a leading name in aiming systems, has a reputation for engineering, designing and developing first-rate, durable and remarkable optics that have serviced the US Armed Forces for decades. The introduction of their revolutionary VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) series is a 1-6x24 fully adjustable magnification scope with a unique approach to the traditional rotating ocular housing. This Mil-Spec scope is composed of a rugged aluminum-alloy housing, providing superior quality glass that offers constant eye relief through adjustable brightness settings as well as the LED first focal plane reticle.



Setting the bar yet again, Trijicon's VCOG has the ability to zoom from a 1x power rating (no magnification) up to a 6x power rating, "accommodating [for both] CQB and long distance marksmanship" all-in-one optic. The simple and robust design characterizes Trijicons's VCOG as the fastest & easiest variable power optic available today. Naturally manufactured for military and combat scenarios, this optic can cater to hunters, competition shooters and civilians alike. The VCOG's bullet drop compensating & ranging reticle allows the user to operate a rifle in short quarters as well as longer distances without drastically changing target acquisition. The uniquely designed quick magnification adjustable rotating ocular accommodates for short ranges while still offering a significant magnification power for shooting longer distances should circumstances change quickly.


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