While Considering Investing Into an Ankle Holster


  • Very easy to conceal when worn correctly
  • Good retention for most use
  • Good quality holsters can last for years
  • Drawing from the ankle can be easier when in positions like lying  or sitting down


  • Often not worn correctly
  • Bottom of holster can sometimes be visible while sitting
  • Takes acclimation and not all holster & firearm combinations will be ideal for an ankle carry

Ankle Holsters have existed for decades and earned a place as an excellent option for particular concealed carry situations. There are a few key elements to consider when incorporating these tools into daily-life and unfortunately, Hollywood Movies, TV Shows and other media haven't always portrayed the proper utilization of these tools.

When evaluating the positive aspects of "Ankle Holsters", the most obvious factor to remember is that they are very easy to conceal when worn correctly. They have a very solid retention capability and rightly so, since they need to secure a firearm during each and every shift or step while walking. Another advantage to consider is that ankle holsters are usually reasonably priced & affordable and can last for years even with every-day use if maintained properly. Finally, keep in mind the advantage of drawing a firearm from an ankle holster in a seated position, relatively transparent and elementary. After all, most people put on and tie their shoes while seated making it apparent how accessing your ankles from a seated postion wouldn't be challenging. This makes ankle holster's a very viable option for potential situations that may occur while in a resteraunt, at the office or even while driving.

While considering investing into an ankle holster, it's important to take into account some of the down sides as well. First and foremost, many people don't wear these holsters correctly! In order to avoid what's best known as "printing" a firearm through worn pants and give the user the easiest method to draw the firearm itself, it should always be worn on the inside of the support leg. For example, if a person is right handed, the ankle holster should always be worn on the inside of the left ankle. Second issue that is commonly overlooked is "how-high" an ankle holster should be worn or how long the actual pant-legs should be. The key factor is concealment itself and this is neglected more often than not, as it's commonly seen amongst people that sit down, don't allow for extra pant-leg slack that tends to raise from the ankle exposing the bottom half of the holster. Finally, there's the simple consideration of weight and comfort. People aren't naturally accustomed to having a heavy piece of metal strapped to the lower portions of a leg throughout daily activities and does require some adaptation. In addition, not all brands of ankle holsters provide the same retention level assisting in firmly holding the firearm in place (i.e. when running or jogging), always take into consideration the size & weight of the firearm itself planned for everyday carry in the ankle position and don't forget to ensure the retention level of the holster will service your day-to-day needs.

Ankle Holsters are always a great choice for concealing a firearm, but make sure to take the time to establish confidence and comfort with all matters in hand involved with working an ankle holster into your everyday life.

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