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Be willing to do SOMETHING!

The other night, I was driving to a popular BBQ restaurant near the house, as I needed to pick up some food for the family. As I neared an intersection that led to the highway, I saw traffic building up and figured it would be quicker to take a side street. I turned right onto an unfamiliar road and about two (2) blocks down, I noticed a man lying on the sidewalk by a vacant store front. He didn't appear like a person that was just down on their luck, intoxicated, or homeless. Instead, he immediately reminded me of "Battlefield" casualties I had seen while on my previous deployments.


Many Anthropologists agree that three (3) of the most important and influential events in human history were, tool making, the invention of the wheel, and finally, the taming of fire. Of these, fire allowed our forbearers to illuminate the night, kept predators away, provided heat for comfort, and allowed them to cook food. It could be easily argued that fire is one of the cornerstones of civilization, culminating through thousands of generations in the ability to forge tools and by blending various metals, in creating stronger alloys. Fire (though seemingly archaic), is a vital part of modern life, whether applied to industrial plant(s), the boilers or incinerators in large buildings, or even the gas burning stoves in restaurants and homes, all require a flame.

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