Always operate how you would prepare, and always prepare how you would operate!

Opinion's that can't be administered or accounted for by virtue with numerical codes or scientific statues are merely a hypothesis or someone's ideology!

DNA Tactical bases & supports its informational sections, premise of research and brand suggestions on methodical equations, logical analysis and collective blueprints; perpetually calculating the transcendent existence of mankind and how that measures in conjunction to nature. Our team's objective is to supply our audience with all the imperative tools and auspicious navigation in removing life's ambiguity & fears, providing our members a resource in acquiring the acumen that's vital in essentially adapting to viable threats and dangers that manifest daily.

In part of this ongoing initiative is our unparalleled online experience, accessibility to righteous brands & dependable commodities as well as our informative content that is presented on

We are excited to introduce our exclusive DNA Tactical Academy for all members with a passion to broaden their horizons and tackle the fundamental intel mandatory in grasping the “Firearms-Industry” and ultimately preparing for society’s tests. Our classroom courses & curriculums are complimentary; available to all our registered members. Feel free to explore our classroom curriculums today from the comfort of your own home, office or while in the field on a mobile-device. DNA Tactical is committed to educating all members with a dedication in mastering the world of firearms, tactical gear, and survival instincts through the promotion of safe and responsible awareness.



Introducing a thorough lesson plan in understanding the fundamentals of firearms & firearm safety as a whole, general terms of firearms & functions, basic ammunition understanding & terms, and proper storage of firearms in various environments.


It’s a sounds a Marine who has experienced the rigors and horrors of battle might recognize, but odds are a civilian will never hear it. Above the sound of the snap and a crack of a bullet flying overhead comes the dreaded call “Doc!” Navy Corpsmen are trained medical personnel who march into combat with the United States Marines.

Survival Water Harvesting Techniques

When faced with a survival scenario its difficult for many people to know what their priorities are. Shelter, information, self-defense, communication, and basic survival supplies are important elements, but second to none is your need for sustainable, clean drinking water enough for you and your family.

Whether it’s a profession, hobby or a way of life, the DNA Tactical Academy is tailored for both novices and experts alike. Whether you’re new to this industry, seeking some refreshers, or merely fine-tuning your art, all are welcome and please enjoy the benefits!

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