Multi-tools as a Revolutionary Concept


  • Easy to carry
  • Modular
  • Cost effective
  • Problem solver


  • Not all multi-tools are the best quality
  • Can create dependency

Multi-tools are definitely a revolutionary concept that have earned a place in almost everyone's life. These variations in products consist of multiple tools specially designed into a single device making it very easy to carry every day. Their primary focus allows users to have many tool options available at their fingertips for almost any possible scenario. That said, there are still noteworthy issues that need to be identified and considered before purchasing and incorporating them into daily activities.

Generally speaking, if you already carry a multi-tool then you, more likely than not, already have the ability to work through problems at your disposal! The first and most obvious benefit is that these devices are modular, light, durable and most importantly, easy to carry. Rather than traveling around with a hefty tool-box everywhere, one can now simply add a multi-tool to a belt, holster, pocket or bag and have various tools available for solving problems quickly and proficiently. Another benefit that's commonly forgotten is how cost effective and affordable these tools really are, especially when considering the cost one would incur if purchasing each and every tool incorporated into these designs separately. Finally, there's the simple truth that these tools have been known to accomplish jobs that even they weren't intended for. The concept of having a universal tool with you when you need it most has generated unique tales of these tools being utilized in scenarios that have out-performed various tasks on the spot and have even been known to save-lives in near hopeless situations.

There are evident down sides that come with these tools and crucial to acknowledge before purchasing. First and foremost, they are not all created, designed or built equally. With various options available & offered for various professional needs, there are notable manufacturers that stand-behind reliability and will offer lifetime warrantees, unfortunately, there are more options offered that aren't necessarily dependable and more likely than not, to potentially fail when needed most. Please consider that these tools can also create a state of dependency and if lost or misplaced, lack of a replacement or backup can generate a feeling of hopelessness; unable to solve problems in the field can be extremely detrimental.

Fundamentally, these tools are problem solvers and can come-in handy in so many various situations that most people have incorporated them into day-to-day life. In closing, don't forget to do some research and consider what types of tools would be most convenient for daily routines, ensuring selecting a quality multi-tool that can accommodate for as many of those needs as possible. Always be prepared!

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