DNA Tactical is proud to tender one of the largest and most extensive selections of Knives, Multi-Tools, Survival Tools, Gun-Care Products and so much more online. Our experts extensively research new trends in knives, state-of-the-art designs in multi-tools, advancements in firearm cleaning supplies, breakthrough tools and cutting-edge accessories to offer the best options available on the market.

Each tool is a device or implement, especially one held in hands, used to carry out a particular function specially engineered and designed to help complete various tasks and challenges presented daily. Whether looking for a utensil, instrument, device, apparatus, gadget or gizmo, we carry the finest and first-rate assortment of Knives, Tools and Cleaning Supplies on the web.

KNIVES - A knife, sometimes referred to as "A Survivors Best Friend", is an instrument composed of a blade and handle, used in most circumstances for cutting or sometimes even as a weapon. Cutting Tools, Blades and Cutters became the "must-have" tool of the 20th century. Specialist's alike vouch acquiring a durable, strong, sturdy and dependable knife is an absolute necessity and a secure investment. From Folding Knives and Fixed Blades to Straight-Edge and Serrated Knives, we carry top brand manufacturers like CRKT (Columbia River Knives & Tools), Kershaw, KA-Bar, Hogue Knives, Medford Knives, Zero Tolerance and many more engineered by some of the best makers and designers in the industry. Catering to professionals, work officers/operators and sport enthusiasts, you can search through a wide spectrum of Cutting Tools varying from Survival Knives, Hunting Knives, Fishing & Diving Knives, Industrial & Professional Knives, Military (Tactical) Knives, Law Enforcement (LE) Knives and even Training Knives.

MULTI-TOOLS - A Multi-Tool is any one of a range of portable, versatile hand tools that combines several individual functions in a single unit. The 21st century drove cutting-edge technology and innovation, combining multiple instruments into one single device or unit. The "Swiss-Army" Knife set the mold for modern-age Multi-Tools offering Military Personnel options like a Knife, Scissors, Bottle Opener, File, Flat-Head & Phillips-Head Screw-Driver and so much more all is one simple apparatus. Through ingenuity and innovation, top brand manufacturers such as Leatherman Tool Group, Gerber Knives & Tools, Tool-Logic and SOG Knives & Tools evolved the Multi-Tool and introduced new & improved adaptable, all-around functional and extremely resourceful tools to help alleviate daily tasks and challenges. These "must-have" tools are great to keep in your vehicle, in a pocket, worn on a belt, stored with a med-kit/emergency kit and should be included in every pack or bag. Offered in a variety of options like Outdoor & Survival, Military & Tactical, Universal or even Pocket/Keychain models, DNA Tactical is a top online retailer of Multi-Tools and other tools for Hunters, Shooters, Hikers, Fisherman, Law Enforcements Officers, Instructors, Off-Roaders, Campers and other Outdoor Enthusiasts alike.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE - Commonly neglecting and overlooked, Knife, Tool and Gun Maintenance is crucial in the process of preserving your instrument. Cleaning your devices free of dirt, marks or any other form of mess through wiping, brushing, sharpening, lubricating or scraping will ensure the longevity of the implement and enhance reliability when used in practice or in the field. DNA Tactical is your source for high quality gun cleaning supplies, knife sharpeners and other tool maintenance products. We offer a wide variety of top brand manufacturers like Otis Technology, Accusharp, Hoppe's, Pro-Shot, Spyderco, Frog Lube and so many more, so rest assured your Knives, Multi-Tools, Firearms and other instruments can be serviced properly and ready to perform.  

It doesn't matter what your need is, DNA Tactical's mission is to always provide you with the greatest selection of quality Knives, Multi-Tools and Tool Cleaning Supplies at the best prices available. However, browsing through all of these choices can be misleading and tedious at times. Still uncertain what you need? Are you unsure what the difference is between Military and Survival tools? What are the advantages of a folding knife? Take a look at our Selecting a Knife How-to-Guide (add links here) for more information. You can also navigate through our Folding-Knives & Multi-Tools Product Pros & Cons to help choose the best product that will suite your needs. If you continue to have difficulty finding a specific product or require additional information, please contact us. Our team of trained professionals are here to provide the best service and will be happy to help you identify a product that serves you best. 

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