Quik-Clot Combat Gauze


  • Hemo-static agent encapsulated and contained
  • Keeps foreign debris out of the wound
  • Can be quickly and easily utilized to help control Hemorrhaging/ bleeding
  • Limits exposure to the eyes/ mucous membranes, etc.


  • Has to be manually inserted into a wound

Combat Gauze or Quik-Clot impregnated gauze, has quickly become the preferred method of administering Quick-Clot or other hemo-static agent to a casualty. Over the years, the continued refinement of these hemo-static agents have helped Armed Forces and other First Responder(s) immediately control hemorrhaging, significantly cutting down on the death count(s) of personnel through extremity wounds.

The greatest benefit of Quik-Clot Gauze, is that it encapsulates the active hemo-static agents in a single, sterile pouch that makes it easier to remove and insert into a wound.  Combat Gauze has increasingly taken the place of absorbent bandages, and eliminates the problem with pouring hemo-static agents/ powdered agents directly into the wound(s) in high winds or other adverse weather.

A common misconception with Quik-Clot Gauze and similar products, is that it isn't designed to stick to the interior of a wound. This is completely nonsensical, as that is how it actually works to stop acute hemorrhaging from a wound. However, this actually creates a slight problem for Emergency Room/ Surgical Personnel by being slightly difficult to remove; the casualty is still alive, proving benefits to be worked on which is entirely the point. 

The only real downside to this product, is the fast that it has to be physically inserted into a wound in order to work, which creates blood-borne pathogen contamination issues for each responder. Surgical gloves are an absolute necessity… PERIOD! That being said, the original method forced a responder to carry the powdered/ granular form of the agent in its own pouch in addition to other bandages/ dressings needed. The hemo-static agent had an annoying tendency to blow back into the first responders face/ mucous membranes, effectively blinding them and creating a second casualty. Combat Gauze and its variants have helped eliminate the need for multiple regular bandages, and while there are some minor downsides to this product, the advantages far outweigh these minor issues for First Responder(s) & Medical Personnel alike.

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