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DNA Tactical strongly believes in always being prepared and ready with Survival Gear and Medical Supplies for a world where acts like natural disasters, civil unrest or even terrorist attacks seem to be an ever increasing threat. We strive to provide the very best and highest quality of Survival Products and Medical Solutions for Households, Armed Forces, First Responders, Outdoor Enthusiasts and other individuals in adverse environments. Our mission is to assist you in prevailing any natural event thrown your way. It is absolutely vital that everyone has the proper survival and medical components, gear, tools and supplies available to ensure they will always be prepared and ready for any emergency should it arise.

Survival is the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal or disaster. Survival Gear Brands like Solkoa Survival Systems, Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST), Wise Food Co., Gerber Knives and Tools and many more, focus on designing Survival Equipment to adhere to any and all harsh environments as well as difficult circumstances. DNA Tactical has the best and largest selection of Survival Gear & Supplies on the net. With a wide variety of the highest quality Survival Knives, Fire-Starters, Electronics, Survival Tools & Multi-Tools, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Survival Lighting, Paracord & Survival Bracelets, Water Purification & Hydration, Food & Storage, Shelter, Survival Rope, Adhesives, Survival Packs & Cases, Signaling and so much more, we are your Survival source.

The Medical approach on the other hand is relating to the science of Medicine, or to the Treatment of Illness and Injuries. Sustaining a Medical Injury through a remedy or cure is traditionally overlooked and more importantly, misunderstood. Advancements in Med-Kits, First Aid Kits, IFAK's and Medical Components from top brand manufacturers such as Emergency Medical International (EMI), North American Rescue (NARescue), Chinook Medical and Tactical Medical Solutions have set the bar. Considering the most essential medical supplies, DNA Tactical offers one of the largest and best selections in Medical Gear online. With a wide variety of options for Burns & Blisters, Bandages, Airway, Chest/Thoracic Care, Foot Care, Fractures & Sprains, Hemostatic's (Quick Clot™), Hygiene, Hypothermia, Intravenous (IV) Solutions, Medication, Oxygen Equipment, Suture/Stitches Kits, Skin Care, Stings & Bites aid, Medical Tools & Instruments, Tourniquets and so much more, we are your best source for medical solutions on the net. Being medically prepared and ready can be the one simple answer between life and death in the real world!

Whether suffering a wound in combat, getting into a car accident, being trapped in a snow-storm, bitten by a snake or withstanding an earthquake, Med-Kits, Medical Components, Survival Gear, Lighting, Knives, Tools, Shelter and Communications are a necessity to sustain and eventually overcome any presented danger. Readiness and preparation for the unpredictable is imperative for Hiking, Camping, Military Combat, Traveling, Hunting, Diving, Law Enforcement Duties and many other crafts, including potential Emergencies, Natural Disasters and other Worldly Dangers.

DNA Tactical is committed to providing you the best First Aid & Survival Solutions online. Searching for these products on the web can be a little confusing and misleading at times. Are you considering a custom med-kit? Having difficulty determining what size med-kit you need? Don't understand what the difference is amongst medical components? Make sure to navigate through DNA Tactical's Med-Kit Identifier to help understand and secure the right Tactical Medical Equipment for your needs. In addition, take a look and browse through our Blogs and Product Pros & Cons to find additional guidance in buying Survival Gear and Supplies. If you didn't find what you're looking for and still have questions, please contact us. DNA Tactical's Team of Survival & Medical Team experts are here to provide the highest service and will be happy to further assist.

Survival & Medical Questions & Answers

What type of Med-Kit should I consider purchasing?

To further assist with this process, please refer to our unique Medical Kit Identifier. Generally, you want a kit that will accommodate for the number of people involved in your planned activity, the length of the activity, and a kit that will accommodate for the majority of the most likely injuries that might occur.

I recently used my Med-Kit, do I need to consider purchasing a replacement?

Some medical kits are designed for a one time use only. DNA Tactical strongly urges you in replacing any one-time-use Med-Kit used in the field. Other medical-kits contain many components that may themselves be a one-time use item. A good practice is to inventory your medical kits every 6 months or after each time used in practice and ensure that all items are replaced or more importantly, nothing has expired.

What type of survival tools should I consider purchasing to increase my “Survivability”?

While you can’t foresee nor plan for every possible activity, encounter, emergency or even disaster, you can certainly be better prepared by planning for these events with the following:


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