Tactical / Self-Defense Flashlights


  • Easy to carry
  • Extremely durable
  • Useful for self-defense
  • Countless practicalapplications/ uses
  • Facilitate one-handed weaponmanipulation


  • Can require specialbatteries
  • Higher cost than a regular flashlight
  • Can require additionalequipment for weapon mounting

Modern Flashlights have become so versatile and useful, that they've become a necessity for many different professions. Modern flashlights are designed to be light-weight, durable, compact to carry or wear easily and discreetly, and particularly in the case of LED models, have a prolonged battery life with minimal wattage used. In the case of LED's, these illumination tools are designed with a high output of candle power aka lumens, for increased effective range of the beam, or to effectively illuminate an outdoor area. In order for a flashlight to be classified as "tactical" or "self-defense", it must meet a specific criteria. For a flashlight to be considered useful in a self-defense situation, it should have a raised bezel or striking surface with the ability to injure an assailant. Many of these flashlights should also include multiple settings for variable outputs, up to and including a "strobe" effect, that can temporarily disable a potential attacker. Some variations even have the ability to produce infra-red (IR) light, which can only be observed through night vision goggles (NVG's) or devices. New-age illumination tools have become effective and essential instruments with a wide variety of daily tasks.

Flashlights that are classified as Tactical or Self-Defense like tools are certainly pricier than the older model flashlight(s), however, there are many explanations for this. Modern illumination tools are machined from higher-grade aircraft aluminum, making them lightweight and extremely durable. They also include practical functions like sealing rings around the battery compartments & bezels to prevent moisture from seeping in, as well as stippling and texturing on the handles for a more thorough grip. These flashlights are a quality illumination tool that will provide years of reliable service, and isn't thrown together out of cheap materials and parts.

The usefulness of these modern-age flashlights during a normal day are limitless. There may be a need to observe a vehicles engine compartment, something fell under a heavy shelf, or of course, it might just be dark. Tactical / Self-Defense flashlights can also be integrated with a firearm, giving the user an increased effectiveness and capability.

As with anything, there are some notable draw-backs with selecting one of these illuminating tools. While a traditional model of light might utilize standard C-cell, D-Cell, AA, or AAA batteries, some modern lights require batteries that are more expensive or uncommon, such as a CR123. A few short years ago, finding these batteries might have proven difficult, forcing an owner to go to a specialty store, such as a camera shop, to find them. Fortunately, with the expansion of these flashlights into the common marketplace, these batteries are now relatively easy to find (not to mention the internet). Just ensure you know what kind of batteries your flashlights need and always keep a few spares ones on hand. While the modern flashlight can certainly be useful, a weapon mounted light designed for firearms, may require the purchase of additional equipment (mounts, brackets, etc.) to secure the light properly. These items, though essential, can add to the overall cost of the light if not included with purchase.

There is a traditional Military saying about redundancy, "2 is 1 and 1 is none"! Always keep a light on you or close at hand, as well as one in your car, your office, and definitely where you reside. You just never know when you might need one, and a good illumination tool helps you rule the dark! Don't hesitate, illuminate!!!

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