Lights & Lamps

Lighting is an agent that stimulates sight and makes surroundings more visible. The ever growing demand for additional brightness, luminosity, gleam, radiance, luster and brilliance in various crafts has compelled manufacturers to introduce enhanced, dynamic and reliable illumination tools. Illumination and the precise amount of lighting is by far the most important factor in every environment, situation, task or activity.

Whether driving a car, trying to capture the perfect photo, working in the office, hunting in the wild, shooting on the range, camping in the woods, fishing on a lake or hiking at night, there is always a necessity for appropriate lighting solutions.  

DNA Tactical knows how important lighting can be in both day and night conditions, indoors & out, and that's why we work diligently to bring you the very best selection of durable, dependable and highest quality Hand Held Lights, Weapon Mounted Lights, Hands Free Lights and Lasers on the net. Finding the correct flashlight for your next camping trip or a headlamp for your next nighttime hunting expedition can be a daunting task. With such a wide variety and so many different manufacturers on the market today, we focus our efforts and offer only the best top brands such as SureFire, LED-Lensor, Laser Devices, Nite-Ize, Streamlight, Elzetta, Nebo Tools, Cyalume and UST (Ultimate Survival Tools) just to name a few. Step into the light and always be ready no-matter what life throws your way!

DNA Tactical is devoted to providing you the right tools for every possible situation and activity. It is absolutely crucial for you to have the correct lighting for the right setting. With a vast variety of Halogen Lights for natural glare, High-Intensity-Discharge (H.I.D) also known as XENON Light options for profound luminescence, LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) for power saving brilliant lumens, Lasers for precision and accuracy, Infrared (IR) compatibility with Night Vision Gear (NVG's), Chem-Lights & Glow-Sticks and even Fluorescent Lanterns of sorts, we have you covered. Whether you're a Law Enforcement Officer on the beat, US Armed Forces being sent downrange or even just someone that wants a good flashlight for an emergency, we have a large selection of products that can accommodate your needs.

Still not sure what the difference is between a Spotlight and Floodlight? Not sure how to gauge and determine lumen counts? Looking for a pistol or rifle light and uncertain what will work best? DNA Tactical provides, and continually updates, various sections such as our Blogs, How-to-Guides and other sources to help provide you with the knowledge that can ensure you pick the right illuminations solutions for your needs. If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact us and our team of trained lighting experts will be happy to answer any additional questions and provide the best quality service.

Lights & Lamps Questions & Answers

The multi-output function on my light isn't working. What can I do?

Most of the time if a light's multi-output function isn't working, the component that operates it might not be properly seated. Ensure that the component is seated properly according to the user's manual. If this adjustment doesn't resolve the problem, we highly recommend you consult further with the manufacturer directly.

What is the difference between a "Self-Defense" light and traditional illumination tools?

Generally speaking, a "Self-Defense" light will have a striking surface or other such tool designed for the sake of deterring an attacker. Many of these illumination tools also include a much higher lumen-count as this increased light level can be disorienting and uncomfortable for any potential attackers.

Does my "Weapons-Mounted" light come with everything I need for attachment to my firearm?

In some cases, a weapon-mounted light will come ready for attachment to certain types of rails that are found on traditional firearms. PLEASE NOTE that this is not always the case. Ensure you are aware of what type of systems the light is compatible with. Always verify if the light potentially need an additional mounting bracket to be purchased in order to accommodate that light to your specific firearm.
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